communications starts once your puppy is on the ground

Puppies are picked in the order that your deposit was made.

⦁ If for some reason a male or female pup is not available for you based on when you made your deposit. We will first offer you the opposite sex. Then we will offer you to be placed at the top of the list for the next litter.
⦁ You will receive an email when  the litter has been born and is on the ground.
⦁ At around 6 weeks is when the puppies will be available to be paired after their first round of shots.
⦁ At this point we usually video the pups with colored collar for picking.  However, it is best to allow us to pick your puppy but of course we will give you that option.

⦁ Puppies will be available for pick up:
⦁ Option 1:  (8) Weeks after shots and weaning
⦁ Options 2:  10-12 weeks with training (2nd payment of $1500 Black GS | White GS Full Balance is due).
⦁ We give a 1 week grace period for pickup. A $25 a day boarding fee will apply after the grace period.
⦁ You will receive a book with your puppy on best practices, care, grooming, feeding and much more.

Enclosed are more FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions).  Do not hesitate to reach out if you have further questions that have been unanswered.  Email: or call 404-566-6602 ask for Sheila.

Warmest regards,

Sheila Rashad

Top Dogg Giant Schnauzers
4776 Stone Mountain Hwy
Lilburn, GA. 30047

Office: 404-566-6602
Text: 980-428-6211


Green puppies Option 1: 8 weeks. Trained Puppies Option 2: 10-12 weeks.  Local clients we prefer you pick up your pup at (8) weeks and bring them back for training at about (16) Weeks. 

Your pup will be trained to sit, down, stay, come, stop, leave it, walk on leash. Your pup will be crate trained and have an introduction to potty training. We CAN NOT fully potty train your puppy in a kennel environment.  Your book will explain best practices for speedy potty training.  

Dont be alarmed! Giant Schnauzer Puppies pee and poop a lot up until around 4 months old. 

Your pup will be well socialized by being touched by many visitors at Top Dogg k9 Foundations headquarters. 

Usually between 8 and 10 weeks of age.  (12) weeks is the cutoff and latest  most Veterinarians will crop ears. 

In the past we have used the following: 

  1. Jennifer Morgan
    1818 N Broad St NE
    Rome, Ga. 30161
  2.  Murray Animal Hospital (Dr Paula Steele)
    1818 N Broad St NE
    Rome, Ga. 30161
  3. Dr. Wright (Only!)
    2015 Rock Chapel Rd
    Lithonia, GA 30058

All pups will have been seen by our vet and have current shots and 3 sessions of deworming. We will provide you a debriefing book on keeping up with the health of your pup. 

There is no such thing as truly hypo-allergenic dogs. Giant Schnauzers along with a few other select breeds have hair instead of fur, so they are less likely to shed.  Therefore dander shedding is greatly reduced. We have been raising and breeding the Giant Schnauzer since 1988 and have only known two people that had an allergic  reaction to our Giant Schnauzer.  

If the Giant is raised with small children and if there is a clear leader in the home, then pups are awesome play mates for children. 

Do your homework, study different breeds, choose a breed that matches your lifestyle. Understand that Giants are working dogs and are very different from other breeds. They are protective and must be led.  

Well the term, “You get what you pay for” comes to mind. Depending on the quality of the Giant and the knowledge and experience of the breeder Giants can range from $1800 to $3500. Although we have seen them sold for as little as $800 on sites like Craigslist and Puppy Find and it’s been said that these ads were scams.   

One of the reasons we offer this magnificent Giant Schnauzer breed is to help support and fund a very special community that is near and dear to us, Disabled Military Veterans. We donate your deposit directly to (Top Dogg K9 Foundation) non profit organization. Your deposit is NON-REFUNDABLE.

⦁ When you purchase one of our dogs special friendships are cultivated and we do not compromise ethics nor values when it comes to our reputation. Therefore we will offer remedies to try to please all involved..

⦁ We are willing to carry your deposit over to the next litter up to 24 months from the date of your deposit.

⦁ We also realize that sometimes unforeseen life circumstances occur and we try to be reasonable in those instances in coming to an amicable agreement.

As a former military and police dog trainer I found that the Giant Schnauzer compete with some of the best protection breeds. Personal, Property and even Home invasion protection have been the foundation of each of my personal Giants.  

Ignore bad behavior and reward good behavior. And do not play the hand game, going in and out with your hand as your pup nips and try to catch your hand. This increases their prey drive.  More information will be provided in your puppy manual.

We have been feeding our giants raw for 30 years and have enjoyed long healthy years with our Giants. Some living as long as 17 years of age. So yes it does matter. 

Although in recent years, I have noticed some GS are allergic to chicken.  So please keep this in mind. 

As experienced dog trainers we recommend keeping your puppy on a leash at all times.  Even inside your home. By doing so will help your pup quickly learn the do’s and don’ts

Usually around 4 to 6 months with a training level of Intermediate obedience training. Your pup should at this point start to understand the lifestyle and repetition of humans.   

SHIPPING:  YES WE DO SHIP, Although airlines are transporting animals less and less.  We work with several reliable ground transport companies.   We recommend calling your local pet transportation companies to get a quote. The pup will be shipped directly from our location at:
Top Dogg K9 Foundation 
4776 Stone Mountain Hwy
Lilburn, GA. 30047  

Here are a few companies we have used in the past.
3.  Flight Nanny:  Contact: Text Tosha 678-357-5544 American Airlines  

This is a questions for your accountant for more information.

Top Dogg Giant Schnauzers
4776 Stone Mountain Hwy
Lilburn, GA. 30047

Ph: 404-566-6602

Although it is not often but from time to time the listed mating pair just don’t connect or the male just doesn’t have the drive to connect, we may change the listed mating pair from time to time. We don’t believe in force mating by holding a dog and forcing them to accept the male. We would rather pair dogs that are willing participants in the mating process.

From time to time we partner with other breeders that may have superior dogs as well.

Technically, a White Schnauzer is simply a mask overlaying another coat color, such as Salt and Pepper.  The gene e/e dilutes the original coat color to produce a white coat.  An actual pure All White Schnauzer only occurs if you breed,  two recessive e/e White Schnauzers which will only produce ALL White offspring.

Although albinism can occur, causing a non-pigmented or “White” Schnauzer, true White Schnauzers are not albino.

The largest and most powerful of the German Schnauzers, the Giant Schnauzer was developed by increasing the size of the Standard Schnauzer.

All schnauzers trace their origins to the neighboring kingdoms of Bavaria and Wurtemburg. People in these agricultural regions use dogs to carry their merchandise to markets, and the Giant Schnauzer was developed there as a herding dog. They later became watchdogs and police dogs.

The official colors of the Giant Schnauzer breed are black, followed by salt and pepper; however, WHITE has an incomparable beauty and are somewhat rare.

The E locus is responsible for the black coat color in dogs. An E/E dog
will have a black coat.

But a dog that has E/e – one copy of the e gene – is a carrier for alternate colors such as white.

If a dog carries two copies of e, it may have a white, cream, or yellow coat. This is how you get a White Schnauzer.

No, fortunately the White gene e/e is not associated with connecting hereditary issues.  White Schnauzers do not suffer from excessive health issues and would carry similar health probabilities as mainstream Schnauzer colors such as salt and pepper.

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