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T'Challa - Pride of Wakanda

T'Challa is a tall boy he is stands 31 inches at the weathers and from Skansen Kennels champion parents
T'Challa's Parents are Champions: Skansen's President Trump


Nikia - Female

Nika is definitely the daughter of Champions and when you meet her its immediately known she is top quality.


Gaia - Female

Gaia is a very affectionate loving girl. She loves everyone and loves hugs and pets no matter who is willing to give them.


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Why we breed the Giant Schnauzer​

Each day 22 Veterans commit suicide due to the wounds of war. This is why we gift service dogs to disabled military veterans returning home to civilian life forever changed.0

  • Your Giant Schnauzer purchase will help gift service dogs to disabled military veterans.  We lose 20 veterans each day to suicide due to untreated mental illness. This sobering statistic is proof that there is a critical need for an effective solution. 
  • When you purchase a dog from us you will receive a $1000 tax credit receipt as a donation to the Top Dogg K9 Foundation.  
  • The TDK9F’s mission is to reduce the number of military families that are impacted by suicide due to mental illness each year.

Warriors we seek to support are Disabled U.S. Military Veterans servicing in the Navy, Army, Air force,  Marine, Coast Guard, and Gold Star Families.

Our Team

With each of our medical team’s members being proud pet owners themselves, forming that special connection with your friend and saving all the pets under any circumstances is a personal mission for them.

Dean is the head of our emergency department. He works at our clinic since its initial founding day, which happened approximately 25 years ago. Whether your


A talented and creative leader, Kenneth is known among her colleagues for how good his organizing and team leading skills are… Whether your case requires an


Being as a devoted family man as he is, it is incredible how Jonathan has time left for managing multi-million dollar contracts, satisfying all of our


Originally from London, at one point of his sophomore college year, Martin decided to turn the tables for his career and travel to the US, to

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Previous Dogs

This Gallery you will find some of our previous stock of dogs our organization has produced.



Highly Qualified Doctors Offer Tummy Tucks & Abdominoplasty

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Highly Qualified Doctors Offer Tummy Tucks & Abdominoplasty

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Highly Qualified Doctors Offer Tummy Tucks & Abdominoplasty


House Call

Highly Qualified Doctors Offer Tummy Tucks & Abdominoplasty



Highly Qualified Doctors Offer Tummy Tucks & Abdominoplasty

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    What people say about us. Here are comments from individuals who have visited Top Dogg K9 and gotten a Giant Schnauzer from us.


    "Its funny how I've been shot at, blown up, and knocked down a mountain and the one that ends up saving my life is a dog. Top Dogg K9 understands the power of dogs and they gave me the best tool I can have to battle PTSD, anxiety, depression, and stress....Thank You for giving me my life back"
    Army Special Forces
    "I am one of many veterans who have been blessed with a service dog from this awesome organization. Top Dogg improved my relationship with my wife of 20 years and my daughter and sons' relationship has greatly benefited from Zarr joining the Brown family"
    Retired Army
    Oh Wow! What an amazing place! Great care, extremely clean, and very caring about their dos and customers. These people are on a mission to provide quality pet care in a great environment.
    Asjha Ramsey
    A few months ago my cat Janice began to behave kind of strangely… this became my concern and after a checkup it turned our she had a pox disease.
    Doha's Mom

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